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Hey there! My name is Mike Attinger and I’m a creator and a supporter. When I say supporter I mean a supporter of talented and highly motivated people. For years I’ve been helping upcoming talent sharing their passion with the rest of the world. And seeing them succeed is amazing. To me the key to success includes at least three ingredients:

Talent • Motivation • A great team to help you out

Everybody has some kind of talent and it’s also something that grows during your career. Motivation however is something which has to be there from the start in great quantities. If there’s no motivation and no discipline the chance to succeed is rather slim. But if you’re talented and highly motivated I would love to help you out with awesome music and video productions, social media management, photos, livestreams and much more.

So… Are you motivated enough to reach your full potential?
Are you ready to pursue your dreams?


The content creation and other services I offer are perfect for singers, dancers, athletes, personal trainers and all other individuals and groups who’d like to promote their talent with great online content. It’s also perfect for companies providing products and services to the consumer and b2b market. Please take a look around on this website or contact me right away for more information.


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