Introductory Offer

Have you always wanted to record a cover with video in a professional studio? Maybe you want to kick start your singing career or just record a video for fun. Either way you would want the whole production to look and sound great which can become quite expensive. A lot of times you have to go to a recording studio and a film studio to get everything done. But that’s where I come in! I’ve been helping out artists around the world with their productions. From instrumentals to the final video production; everything is done in one studio.

Production example:

My main studio (in Eindhoven, the Netherlands) features two recording studios and multiple sets for filming. That way everything can be done in just a couple of hours saving you both time and money. Normally the price starts at 249 euro (including a custom piano instrumental, recording of your vocals and producing the video). But as an introductory offer you can now get your first production for just 139 euro (incl tax). For this I work with vouchers which are available for purchase till the 25th of July 2023. The actual recording itself can take place anytime till the 1st of August 2024 (so within one year).

The production is exactly the same quality as I always produce and includes:

    • Piano cover instrumental (up to 5 minutes) or you can bring your own instrumental;
    • Recording of your vocals in my studio;
    • Mixing of your vocals and the track;
    • Filming your cover in one of the many studio sets;
    • Editing the final video.You’ll receive a 4K video for Youtube, vertical video for other social media and the wav+mp3 files for other distribution.

Production example:

The terms of the voucher:

  • The voucher is available for purchase till the 25th of July 2023 and valid for one year;
  • The voucher is valid for one person;
  • Each person can only purchase one voucher;
  • To keep it fair, everyone can purchase a voucher. So even when you already recorded at my studio.

You can easily order the voucher via my website at Click here (or on the image below) to go directly to the right product page. Payment options include iDeal, Paypal and Bancontact.