Video editing

So you’ve shot some awesome footage and now you’d like to turn it into an amazing video! But what if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to turn all of that awesome footage into a beautiful final video? Don’t worry as I can help you out! I’m a video producer with years and years of experience. But now I’d like to help out as many people on social media getting great videos online. Send me your footage plus the (copyright free) music you’d like me to use and I’ll turn it all into one amazing video for you. And as an audio engineer I will make sure your in-video audio will sound great as well. I can even provide custom produced music.

Let me know what kind of video you’d like and I’ll send you a quote. And with super fast turnaround times your video will be online in no time! You can easily request a personal quote using the form below.

Perfect for attention grabbing intros for your Youtube and Facebook videos:

I can deliver any length video. So even a longer one for Youtube and a 1-minute edit for Instagram. It’s the easiest and best way to grow your audience and reach.


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And if you can’t shoot the footage yourself, I’m also available as a camera-operator. From slow paced footage up to fast and smooth moving shots; I’ve got all the equipment and knowledge to get you an awesome video! I’m currently based in the Netherlands (Europe), but travel around the globe for my work.