Career examples

I’ve helped quite a few artists around the globe to kick start their offline and online careers. Here are a few examples of my productions:

Emma Heesters

Emma is by far the hardest working vocalist/artist I’ve ever met. At the start of 2015 she asked me to produce a cover for her Youtube channel. Back then she had around 1200 subscribers on Youtube. I loved her vocals so much that I offered to publish the cover on my Youtube channel as well. It was this cover of Maroon 5’s hitsong “Sugar”:

Many other videos followed and within one year she crossed the 50k subscribers. And now (at the time of writing this in the start of 2021) she has crossed the 3.5 million subscribers. I still film a lot of her Youtube cover videos and occasionally produce (ballad) covers for her as well. Emma is the perfect example of what you can achieve if you work hard and smart.

Check out Emma at

Patricia van Haastrecht

Patricia is one of the many singers I produced Youtube covers who ended up in The Voice on Dutch television. Her voice is amazing and it’s always been an honour to record with her. She did really well in The Voice and reached the finale live show (she won 2nd place).

Melany Sharon

Melany is one of the other artists who you may recognise from The Voice of Holland. I produced a few cover videos for her after which a “The Voice” talent scout saw her on my Youtube channel.