I’ve been playing drums for over 18 years now. But next to playing drums, one of my big passions is building drums. As with everything I create, every drum feels like (and is treated like) a piece of art. Would you like your very own custom snaredrum or drumkit? Just send me a message and we can discuss your project.

From time to time I also sell “already-built”-snaredrums on this page. So keep an eye out on this page to grab a great deal!

Currently in the works:

Some of my previous builds:

13″ x 6″ Spalted Myrtlewood steambent (one-ply)
I love one-ply drums. Their thick shells give a very warm and full sound. My studio-drumkit is also a full one-ply kit. Loving it!

13″ x 5.5″ Aluminum / Bamboo hybrid
Combining different materials is always fun to try out. This hybrid shell gives a particularly warm sound with a bunch of attack.

14″ x 6″ Carbon Fiber
One of my favourite live snaredrums; the carbon fiber. It’s super-lightweight, but it’s also super-loud. Just look at how thin that shell is!

14″ x 4.5″ Maple steambent (one-ply)
I rarely use maple in any of my drums. But basic maple is quite a nice canvas for some pretty finishes. This is a finishing method / paint created by the awesome US paint company Alsa. It’s called “Crazer”. Changes color depending on how the light hits the drum and the finish itself looks pretty wild as well.

14″ x 5″ Sycamore steambent (one-ply)
My personal go-to snaredrum for both studio and live. Built out of beautiful Sycamore wood, this snaredrum features the Pearl concert strainer. Three independently adjustable snare-wires enable the drummer to choose between a variety of great sounds.