One of the things I love to do is to help out others whenever I can. Fulfilling dreams together is one of the most amazing things in life.

Among other projects, here are two somewhat bigger projects I’ve worked on for charity:

Chicago Youth Centers

Together with my friend Youri Claessens, I travelled to Chicago, IL, USA. We visited the Chicago Youth Centers and worked with the aspiring artists. I composed an original instrumental to which the guys wrote their own lyrics. In the lyrics they’re telling the world what CYC means to them. During and after recording all the vocals, we shot the video. ┬áSeeing their joy while recording the song and video, has always been one of my favourite moments in life.

Soundtrack for a Dream

Music is emotion. It’s a way to tell stories. Together with the singer of my former band 2nd Avenue I produced an album featuring ballads. We produced this CD for the Wanda Foundation. The generated revenue was sent to this great cause.

Soundtrack for a Dream