Music production

Music has always been my first love. So here you’ll find some of my music. Plenty more can be found at Available for full productions and session-work as a drummer / piano-player / guitarist and bass player.


Saxophone cover of Dusk Till Dawn

Together with Martha Meurkens on saxophone I produced a cover of ZAYN’s “Dusk Till Dawn”. I produced both the video and the music.


Julia’s cover of This World

Julia really wanted to cover the song “This World” by Selah Sue. So here’s her take on this powerful song:


Cindy covers Beyoncé

Found some great new talent in my hometown. Her name is Cindy Liebregts and I just love her vocals. This is her take on Beyoncé’s “Pray you catch…


New talent on my Youtube channel

From time to time I post new talent on my Youtube channel. This time it’s Sanne with her version of Dua Lipa’s awesome song “New rules”. Check it…

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 13.02.14

Linkin Park – One More Light – Piano Remix

I grew up listening to Linkin Park. Think I was around 13 years old when Hybrid Theory was released. Always loved their music. And I really like this…


Kyra Tol – I can’t make you love me

Music and video production I did for singer Kyra Tol together with saxophone-player Martha Meurkens.


Emma Heesters – Symphony

Emma Heesters’ version of the great song Symphony.


Samantha Dorrance – When you love someone

Full music production for UK singer Samantha Dorrance.


Martha Meurkens – Mercy

Saxophone cover of “Mercy” by Martha Meurkens. Music and video production by me.


Emma Heesters performs a live cover of Mercy

A live cover of Shawn Mendes’ “Mercy” performed by Emma Heesters. Full music production (incl. arrangement) by me.


Emma Heesters – I don’t wanna live forever (cover)

I produced the backing track (piano plus orchestra) of this song for Emma. All footage is also filmed by me.


Piano instrumental with choreography

Contemporary dancing has always been one of the things I love to watch. In this video a beautiful choreography by Lieke van den Akker is accompanied by a…


Martha performs a saxophone cover

I’ve always loved the sound of saxophone. My dear friend Martha Meurkens is a talented musician playing different instruments and the saxophone is her no. 1 instrument. So…

Melany Sharon

Treat you better cover by Melany Sharon

Melany is a contestant in the 2016-2017 edition of the Dutch TV talent show “The Voice”. I’ve been working with her for some time now and this cover…


Kizomba saxophone remix of Closer

I love producing instrumental music and especially in smooth musical styles. For this one I teamed up with my amazingly talented friend Martha Meurkens on saxophone. It was…


Cover with Marit

Would you like to hear some awesome new talent? I’d like to present Marit Kok to you. This talented singer comes from the Netherlands. Her voice has this…


Karlyn – Cold Water (cover)

Video and music produced for singer Karlyn.